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Equipped with a basic foundation of graphic design, my approach blends design history and with current trends. Whether it is a swatch of fabric from seventies wallpaper or the smooth chrome hubcaps on a car, I am inspired by the world around me. “Retro meets tomorrow” is my motto when it comes to graphic design.

A major influence on the thought process behind my own work is Alphonse Mucha’s dream-like posters of the human figure surrounded by text. His work suggests this paradox between the corporeal world, with the figure representing the cerebral world. I also find Paul Klee’s paintings and drawings interesting, both technically and conceptually. Klee’s work defines his technical skill in the precision of line with the concepts that are symbolic. Another designer I greatly admire is Ray Larabie, a typographer. His work clearly annunciates the pop culture phenomenon and carries it over in his own typefaces, adding his personal style with, specific design attributes.

Currently: Working freelance with several clients. If you are interested, please contact me directly.


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